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We are here to simplify your journey in the USA.

We understand that this is an important step in your journey. The United States is an excellent investment market, but it can be a significant challenge, especially in legal and tax matters.

That's why RBS Solutions offers specific plans for each stage of your company's operations, providing peace of mind and security in America.

The advantages of starting your operation process in the USA:

  • Larger Market and Consumers

    The United States has a large and diverse population, which allows companies to reach a wider and more diverse audience, which can result in higher sales and growth.

  • Access to Capital and Investors

    One of the world's main financial centers. Internationalizing to the US can facilitate access to capital through local investors, investment funds and financial institutions.

  • Innovation and Technology

    Global leaders in innovation and technology. By operating in the US, companies can gain access to top talent, world-class research and development and technology partnerships.

  • Political and Legal Stability

    The US offers a stable political and legal environment, with a well-established and predictable legal system. This reduces the risk of political and legal upheaval.

  • Global Credibility

    Having a presence in the US can increase a company's credibility on the international market. Many companies and investors consider a presence in the US to be a sign of success and quality.

  • Free Trade Agreements

    Explore free trade agreements with various countries, which can facilitate exports and imports of products. In addition, a presence in the US can serve as a gateway to other markets with which the US has trade agreements.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    The United States has strict intellectual property protection laws, which is key for companies that rely heavily on technology and innovation.

Plans & Pricing

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    US$ 65/m US$ 780 Annual Payment

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    US$ 130/m US$ 1.560 Annual Payment

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    US$ 4.870/m US$ 5.640 Annual Payment

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Plan details Acess Plan Go Plan Run Plan
For a new company in the United States
LLC or C-Corp registration (+ fee for the chosen state)
Application for EIN with the IRS
Post-Formation Documents
For an established company in the United States
Address and Registered Agent update in the state
IRS request for address update
Virtual address with mail forwarding
Registered Agent
Business bank account (*subject to approval)
Post-Formation Documents
Compliance Calendar
Account Executive
Accounting and Tax Resources
Call with a Tax Specialist
RAnnual report or franchise tax filing (State Renewal)
Corporate Income Tax
Monthly accounting and tax support
Accounting software license (Xero)
Sales tax, Tax returns and refunds
Company dissolution
Dissolution (+ state fees)
Last Income Tax return or EIN cancellation
ITIN application (US$ 250 per member)
Individual income tax (US$ 150 per member)

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