What are Offshores?

What are Offshores?

Offshore companies are entities established abroad for benefits such as tax advantages and confidentiality. They generally do not operate in the country of registration and are used for tax optimization and administrative simplification.

Some of the regions in the USA that offer great opportunities for offshoring and excellent advantages, take a look at some of the options:

  • Delaware

    Delaware is known for its business-friendly laws, with friendly taxation and well-established commercial legislation. Many large corporations choose to register their companies here.

  • Wyoming

    Like Delaware, Wyoming offers light taxation and flexible business regulation. It is a popular choice for businesses looking for a simpler structure.

  • Nevada

    Nevada is attractive due to the absence of corporate, personal or capital gains tax. In addition, there is robust asset protection.

  • Alaska

    Offers a significant tax advantage for investment funds and trusts.

  • Florida

    There is no state income tax, which attracts both residents and companies.

  • Texas

    No state income tax and a favorable business environment.

04 Reasons to open your Offshore


Asset Protection

Safeguard your assets from litigation and claims.



Maintain your financial and operational privacy.


Tax Economics

Reduce your tax burden legally and intelligently.


Global expansion

Make it easier to conduct international business.

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